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Top 533 Scholarships for College Students in January 2023 Apply Now

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One of the biggest misconceptions about scholarships is that they are only for high school students. In fact, there are numerous lucrative Scholarships for College Students opportunities that current college students can apply for. These scholarships for college students can help you pay for tuition, room, board, fees, and other expenses like books and laptops.

If you are able to win scholarships as a college student you can lessen the amount of student loans that you need to take out. This can literally pay off after you graduate as you will have a lower student loan burden.

Whether you are a college freshman interested in chemistry or a student interested in criminal justice, there is a Scholarships for College Students for you!

Scholarships for College Students

Scholarship NameAmountDeadline
$1,000 All Star Verified Scholarship$1,000August 31
$1,000 JumpStart Scholarship$1,000October 17
$1,000 Moolahspot Scholarship$1,000August 31
Cashtelligent Financial Literacy Scholarship$1,000September 30
SuperCollege Scholarship$1,000August 31
Academic Excellence Award$1,000November 12
Achieving Your Goals Scholarship$1,000September 30
Adelman Travel Scholarship Award$500November 30
Advocates Law Scholarship$1,000January 31 (fall) and June 30 (spring)
AES Scholarship$500October 8
Ag Day Essay Contest$1,000January 31
Against All Odds Scholarship$1,000January 31
Americanism Essay Contest$2,500-$5,000December 1
Ashley Soule Conroy Foundation Scholarship$4,000October 1, June 1
Barbizon’s College Tuition Scholarship$100,000December 31
Be the Boss Scholarship$2,000September 15, March 15
Blaze Your Own Trail Scholarship$1,000January 14
Boomer Benefits Scholarship$2,000August 27
Bright!Tax Global Scholar Initiative$1,000June 1, November 1
Burger King Scholars Program$1,000-$50,000December 15
Car Covers $1,000 Scholarship$1,000December 15
Carson Scholars$1,000January 15
Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) Essay Contest$1,000-$5,000January 8
Christophers Video Contest for College Students$500-$2,000January 17
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship ProgramVariesAugust 31
Civic Expression Award$1,000December 1
CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Video Contest$500April 15, October 15
Clubs of America Scholarship Award for Career Success$1,000August 31
Coca-Cola All-State Community College Academic Team$1,000-$1,500December 15
Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange ProgramVariesDecember
Coolidge ScholarshipFull tuitionJanuary 20
Corporate Culture Scholarship$1,000October 1
Create Real Impact Contest$500 and $1,500November 12
Dell Scholars ProgramVariesDecember 1
Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship$1,000December 15
Dixie Belle Paint Company ScholarshipUp to $2,500November 15
Dr. Edward Jacobson Healthy Living Scholarship$500December 31
Driven Decade Scholarship$1,000September 30
Education Accessibility Scholarship$1,000December 31
EK Insurance Scholarship$500December 30
Equitable Excellence ScholarshipUp to $25,000December 15
Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program$500December 30
Families of Freedom Scholarship FundVariesOctober 1
First Generation Immigrant Scholarship$1,000December 31
Florida Rentals Annual Dream Vacation Scholarship$1,000August 31
Foreclosure.com Scholarship Program$500-$2,500December 15
Free Speech Essay ContestUp to $10,000December 31
Fulbright GrantsVariesOctober 13
Getting Real about Distracted Driving$1,500December 31
Global Citizen ScholarshipEducational tour expensesAugust 15; November 15; February 15; May 15
GMR Transcription Academic Scholarship$500June 15 and December 15
Golden Door ScholarsVariesOctober 25
Hagan ScholarshipVariesDecember 1
Hamilton Award$500January 27
Hayek Fund for ScholarsUp to $750Rolling
Heer Law Entrepreneurship Scholarship$2,000December 31
Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Program$25,000October
Humane Studies FellowshipsUp to $15,000April 1, August 1, December 1
Immerse Education University ScholarshipUp to $1,000January 15
InfoTracer Scholarship$1,000October 31
International Bipolar Foundation High School Essay Contest$250-$1,000December 1
Intoxalock Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship$3,000December 31
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship ProgramUp to $40,000 per year for four yearsNovember 18
Josephine De Karman Fellowship$14,000-$22,000January 31
Kopfler & Hermann Overcoming Adversity Scholarship$1,000November 30
LA Tutors Innovation in Education Scholarship$500Monthly
Leifert & Leifert Right to Privacy Scholarship$1,000August 31
Lemelson-MIT Student PrizeUp to $15,000September
Life Reimagined First-Gen Scholarship$1,000December 31
Live Mas Scholarship$5,000-$25,000January 20
Luigi Wewege Foundation Scholarship$1,500December 1
Make a Difference Scholarship$1,000September 30
Making for Good ChallengeUp to $15,000January 30
Marshall Memorial FellowshipVariesSeptember
Marshall ScholarVariesSeptember 28
McCraw Law Group First Responders Scholarship$1,000September 30
McCraw Public Safety Scholarship$1,000September 30
Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship Program$2,500January 15
Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship$900November 15
Most Valuable Student Scholarships$4,000-$12,500November 15
National College Match ProgramFull tuition plus room and boardSeptember 29
National Merit Scholarship Program and National Achievement Scholarship Program$2,500October PSAT test date
OFAC Law Group Eco-Friendly Scholarship$500December 31
Oleg Fastovsky Outstanding Citizenship Scholarship$1,000September 30
One Earth Award$1,000December 1
Opioid Epidemic Scholarship$1,000November 30
Overcoming Obstacles Scholarship$1,000December 31
Parking Boxx$1,000October 15
Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New AmericansUp to $90,000 over 2 yearsOctober 28
Photo Essay Scholarship Contest$500January
Pursuing a Positive Impact Scholarship$3,000October 31
RCA Hope for Addiction Scholarship$1,000January 31
Redfin Scholarship$2,500August 1
Responsify Empowering Others Scholarship$1,000October 5
Rhodes ScholarFull tuition plus stipendOctober 6
Safe Cycling Scholarship$1,000November 30
Sarah Josephine Langstaff Memorial Scholarship$500-$1,000November 1
Scholarship America Dream Award$5,000-$15,000October 15
Scholarship for International Students$5,000September 30
Selfless Act of Giving Scholarship$1,000October 31
ServiceScape$1,000November 29
Sleeknote Scholarship$1,000September 30
Social Biases in the Courtroom Scholarship$1,000December 31
SportsHi College Scholarship AwardUp to $2,500August 10
Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship$1,000October 31
Stokes Educational Scholarship ProgramUp to $30,000November 15
Stop-painting.com Scholarship$1,000June 15 (fall) and November 15 (spring)
Striving for Justice Scholarship$1,000November 30
Student Transportation Video Contest$500November 30
StudentCam CompetitionVariesJanuary 20
Supporting the Community Scholarship$1,000September 30
Survivor Scholarship$1,000December 31
Telluride Association Summer ProgramsSummer program tuition and feesJanuary
Texting and Driving Prevention Scholarship$1,000September 30
TicketCity Annual College Scholarship Program$3,000December
Titan Machinery Service Technician Sponsorship ProgramVariesMarch 1; December 1
TransgenderFirst Scholarship$2,500December 31
Travel Photography and Savings Scholarship$500August 1
Travel Scholarship$500-$1,000December 31
Travel Video Contest$4,000October 13
U.S. JCI Senate Scholarship Grants$1,000January 21
Undergraduate Transfer ScholarshipUp to $40,000January 10
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Denny’s Hungry for Education$1,000December 10
Unpakt College Scholarship$1,000December 31
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest$200Monthly
Visa Reservation Scholarship$500March 15 and August 15
Voice of Democracy Audio Essay Contests$1,000-$30,000October 31
Water Safety Scholarship$1,000October 31
Watson Travel FellowshipUp to $30,000November 1
We The Future ContestUp to $2,000September 17
Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship$40,000November 1
Zavodnick, Zavodnick and Lasky$1,000October 15, April 15

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