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Top 5 Universities for Law Degrees in Canada 2023

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Like in the US, students who study at a Canadian law school will graduate with a juris doctor (JD) degree, which takes three years to complete. Before applying for law school in Canada, students are required to sit the LSAT test to ensure they have enough prior knowledge of Canadian law.

Because it was once a colony of England, Canada’s legal system is based on the British common law system. Canada has a parliament, like Britain, and the federal government has jurisdiction over certain areas of the law.

These are the best universities for law degrees in Canada.

5. University of Ottawa

The common law department at the University of Ottawa offers specialisations in dispute resolution, environmental law, international trade, business and human rights law, social justice, technology law, public law and Aboriginal law.

Students can take either the English Juris Doctor or the French Juris Doctor.

The university also encourages active learning within their law courses through legal clinics, moot competitions, Pro Bono Students Canada, internship opportunities, mentorship programs and fellowships.

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