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Move to Canada Hiring Workers With No Work Experience Now – Apply Now to Migrate

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Most people have experienced difficulty getting a job, especially when the requirements state, “need X years of experience.” However, what if there’s a way to get a job without experience and you can move to Canada simultaneously?

No Experience? No Problem!

According to a recent study by The Canadian Press, companies in Canada are willing to recruit people with little to no
experience in their desired field. It’s a result of the continuous scarcity of available workers.

The survey claims that experience and education, formerly critical for many jobs, are becoming less important owing to
the labour shortage. The study’s based on what one thousand Canadian businesses said in an online survey.

The majority of Canadian employers (77%) agree that “soft” skills like communication and teamwork are more important
than “hard” abilities like experience with specific software or hardware. Moreover, the poll found that 80%
of businesses would hire someone without a certificate or degree if they were qualified. Even if an applicant does not
have a degree directly related to the position, many employers are eager to train them on the job.

Since qualified candidates are so hard to come by, surveys show that companies are willing to overlook the necessity of
prior relevant experience. This might be among the tightest job markets in Canadian history.

According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate fell to 4.9% in May. Unemployment rates are at their lowest point
since comparable records began being kept in 1976.

The tighter labour market may be traced back to two primary factors: the strong recovery from the epidemic and changing
demographics. In other words, there aren’t enough qualified people to work because the country’s population is getting
older and the economy is growing quickly.

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Canadian Employers Are Changing Hiring Practices To Remedy Labour Shortage

The purpose of the study mentioned above was to learn what measures Canadian businesses are taking to address workforce
shortages. Respondents valued “soft skills” like communication, flexibility, and attention to detail more than “hard
skills” like technical expertise or knowledge.

Instead of focusing on a candidate’s resume, Canadian businesses care more about what the individual can add to the

Job Vacancies Are Reaching Record Highs

With 912,600 job openings in Canada in the 3rd quarter of 2021, labour shortages are becoming more serious in the
country. As the country struggles to get over the effects of the pandemic, businesses are working to get back on their

Canada’s job market had a 61.9% increase in the 3rd quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019, prior to the
COVID-19 pandemic.

The Global Talent Stream, which is part of the Temporary
Foreign Worker Program, provides an expedited solution for many businesses experiencing labour shortages.
Applications for work permits and visas to
 may be completed in as little as two weeks.

In 2019, the Global Talent Stream was made a permanent program. Its launch in 2017 was a success, and some of
Canada’s top technology companies gave it a lot of support.

The Express Entry program is another viable option for skilled foreign workers interested in
immigrating to Canada. Most immigration applications to Canada are processed via this system. If you qualify for the
Express Entry system, your profile is given a Comprehensive Ranking System score and is included in the Express Entry pool.

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The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The Comprehensive Ranking Approach is a point-based system used to rate candidates’
profiles against one another. Invitations To Apply for permanent residency are extended to the top-ranked applicants.

Any applicant who receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) has 60 days to submit a complete application and pay any associated
processing expenses. The federal government will process permanent residence applications within six months.

Candidate Hiring Projections For The Future

The findings are encouraging for recent college graduates and those starting their first jobs. It’s also a boost for seasoned workers considering a new field. Therefore, even those without practical experience may
find work in their field of choice.

Coding skills, software developmentengineering, and project management are the toughest occupations to fill with competent employees. This is
according to the research and is true for all industry sectors.

The Canadian Research Insights Council stated the results could not be ignored or
explained by a mere margin of error. This is because the sampling methods do not randomly sample the Canadian


Most people know that the worldwide pandemic has wreaked havoc on almost every country on the planet. However, there’s a
silver lining to all of it. As the countries are on the track of jumpstarting their economies, many job openings need to
be filled, especially in Canada.

In fact, most Canadian companies are open to accepting workers with no experience so they can remedy the
situation. For people who are thinking of moving to Canada, this is perhaps the best time to do it.

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As the country tries to remedy the job problem, the companies are less restrictive with their requirements, and that
means it may be your perfect opportunity to immigrate to the Land of Maple Syrup.

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