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Immigrate to Canada Through Marriage—Marry a Canadian Woman

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Yes, you can Immigrate to Canada by getting married. Maybe you’ve been going out with a Canadian woman or lady and now you want to get married to her.

You can marry her, but just because you married her doesn’t mean you can Immigrate to Canada for free. It won’t be easier or maybe even free if you marry a Canadian. People usually Immigrate to Canada through programs and education, and it’s free for them. But in this case, it’s not easy and doesn’t cost anything.

You would have to pay for your flight, fill out some forms, and get a visa. You can start by getting a family reunion application from the Canadian embassy in your home country. Getting married is the fastest way to get an application to Immigrate to Canada.

How to Find and Pick a Canadian Wife

People often look for Canadian women or ladies on dating sites and social media sites like Facebook. They look them up for dating and marriage, but before they do, they find out about the women’s hobbies, where they live, how old they are, if they have children, and if they are divorced or widowed.

After they get to know each other and maybe start dating long-distance online, the Canadian woman or man might travel from her country to meet her love and get married.

The State of Canada Act says that if you marry a Canadian girl, you will get to live in Canada right away.

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Getting Canadian citizenship and a place to live by getting married

With the help of the Canadian Partner, you can apply for permanent residence if you are married to or living with a Canadian.

The Canadian government will look over this application in 6 to 12 months. During this time, Canada’s Ministry of Immigration will make sure that the marriage is real and serious.

Family Gathering:

Once you and your Canadian partner agree to get married, you can start the family gathering process by writing down the marriage contract in one of two ways:

You can get a visa to visit Canada, sign a marriage contract in Canada, and then apply for a visa extension and transfer it to a residence after Canadian authorities have approved the marriage to stay longer in Canada for family reunification.

The Canadian girl comes to your country to sign the marriage contract, and you must send the marriage contract to the Canadian embassy in your country to get the Canadian visa.

When a man who lives outside of Canada marries a Canadian woman, Canadian law doesn’t say that they can’t be together. Instead, it lets the married couple live together in Canada according to Canadian law, which says that the goal of marriage is to build a family, not to get to Canada, which is what many people use as an excuse.

If the Canadian government knows about these cases, you will be sent back to your home country.

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