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Berkeley Law School Scholarships and Fellowships in USA, 2021

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Berkeley Law School is a member of the University of California and one of the United Nations’ Elite Law Schools. It gives international lawyers a strong foundation in the principles of US law, preparing them for worldwide practice.

Berkeley offers three different program track options that lead to the same Berkeley Law master’s of law degree: executive track, traditional track, and thesis track.



Each year, the Advanced Degree Programs Office at Berkeley Law School awards a variety of merit- or citizenship-based scholarships to outstanding candidates who have been accepted to Berkeley’s LL.M degree programs.



Requirements for Eligibility:

The Berkeley Law School Scholarships and Fellowships are awarded based on an evaluation of the student’s academic records as well as the application’s supporting documentation. The number of scholarships and fellowships available is limited, and they are very competitive.

Coverage of Scholarships:

The scholarships are only for LL.M tuition fees and cannot be used to pay for travel, lodging, or any associated expenditures. CalCentra is used to apply for the awards.

Before enrolling at Berkeley Law, students should plan their finances to ensure that they can handle the fees of tuition, travel, and room and board.




Scholarships that are available include:


All LL.M. tracks are taken into account when matching.


Students with exceptional academic credentials are eligible for an ADP scholarship.


Scholarship for Social Justice.


Scholarship for African Legal Impact.


Scholarship for Least Developed Countries.


The Global Reach Scholarship is available to students from all over the world.

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Scholarship for Young Lawyers


Scholarship for Latin America.


Application Instructions:

There is no need to submit a separate application for the scholarships because all qualified admitted students will be considered for a scholarship.


The Legal Impact on Africa and Related Considerations A separate application is required for scholarships.


Scholarship choices will be emailed to the email address indicated on the application form at the time of admission.


Visit the official website at:


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