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USA Visa How to Apply


Do you plan on visiting the US someday? Or to study a particular course, as well as going to get married to your loved one. Whether you are going on a holiday trip or for a short business trip/meeting, or probably something else you need a Visa which will enable you travel to the US.

Types of Visa
There are two types of USA Visa which can be obtainable for a visit to the US.

  1. Non-immigrant Visas.
  2. Immigrant Visas.

Non Immigrant Visa

Students, tourists, Businessmen, and specialty workers who will only be staying in the US for a certain period of time are the ones who get the non immigrant USA Visa. The Non-immigrant Visa must state clearly to the consulate their string ties with the country and must present a proof that you only intend to stay for a short period of time.

Immigrant Visa

For the people whose intention is to stay permanently in the US, the suitable visa is the Immigrant user.

If you wish to travel to USA, here you will get a complete guide of all you need to know before applying for a USA Visa, What you should do when your Visa application is accepted or rejected and more.

Best way to apply for a US Visa.

Before applying for a USA Visa , here are some things to note most importantly.

  1. B1 and B2 Visas are classified as the B Visas: These are the most common types of Visas which are usually issued in the US. For the short business trips, B1 is usually granted mostly, while the B2 Visa is mainly for travelers and tourists.
  2. The reason for your travel to the United States: You will be asked a series of questions and one of the most important question is your reason for travelling to the US, your duration of stay, where you will be staying as well as who will be in charge of covering your expenses during your stay. You should have clear, concise answers to these questions as it will increase your chances of being granted a US Visa.
  3. Sufficient funds: Before your application for a US Visa, you will need to provide your bank statement and this has to show a proof of sufficient funds else, your application might not be honoured.

How to Apply for a USA Visa.


Below are the steps to apply for a US Visa and get approved.

  1. Pay the Application Fee. To get a US Visa, you need to pay the application fee. For the Travel/tourist Visa, you need to pay about $160 and get a travel Visa. For other types of Visa in US, the fees are around $150.
  2. Complete the Non immigrant Electronic Form. Upon your application for a USA visa , you will be mandated to fill and complete a non immigrant form also referred as to the (DS -160) form. Here you will provide all the necessary basic details about yourself and also details for your travel.
  3. Schedule your Application. After completing the form, you will have to schedule your visa application as it suits you. Basically, you will need three pieces of application to be able to schedule your appointment.
  4. Visit the Embassy. After a successful application, you will need to physically visit the Embassy or Consulate on the day your visa application was scheduled.

Required Documents for Visa Application

Here are the Documents which are to be provided upon your Visa application
 Valid Passport
 Old Passports
 Recent Photographs of you
 Completed and signed DS-160 form
 Confirmation page of the DS-160 Application form
 Stamp at the visa application center (VAC)
 Receipts of the Visa fee
 Proof of funds
 Proof of Character
 Any other documents which shows you have no criminal record
 Letter showing the purpose of your travel
 Proof of intention to return back
 Print out of the appointment letter earlier scheduled.

How to increase your chances of getting a US Visa


In order to increase your chances of getting a USA Visa application immediately approved, you need to be employed in your country. This will provide a validation for you and will act as a major proof.

Family Obligation

Your family Obligation could serve as an important factor during your visa application. You need to prove that you are not taking care of a sick person at home and you are not also taking a responsibility back at home. Once cleared of this then you can be sure of a smooth visa application process.

Property and personal asset

Properties and personal assets play a major role in the application for a US Visa as these are a major factor. Having personal assets prove that you are less likely to leave on a travel purpose, particularly if you are applying for an Immigrant Visa.

Community involvement

Are you directly involved in your community? During your Visa application, showing proofs of direct community involvement may increase your chances of getting a Visa to travel to the US.

Travel History

Depending on your recent travel history, you may be granted a Visa or not. If the previous travel history records are okay and does not state otherwise like overstaying, or even breaking a rule of law in your previous Travel to a particular country. If your records are not contradictory, you have the chance of getting a smooth Visa application process.

Final Words

During the application, the applicant should ensure he/she accomplishes the DS-160 and make it as precise as possible.
The Application must be prepared to answer questions about their day to day plans, upon arrival to the US, Purpose of trip, personal trip, family, and finally Finances.

Supporting Documents needed for visiting family/friends.

If you only intend to visit some family, friends, loved ones as well as events in the USA, you will have to provide the following Documents
 Letter of Invitation
 Proof of Event
 Brochure of Event
 Invitation Card

Note: Your Visa application must be approved before you travel to the US.

Find out what visa type is appropriate for you

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