Orchids will flower all year round if you water them with this natural product


Orchids are perennial flowering plants with evergreen foliage. Some varieties, like the phalaenopsis orchid, are easy to grow indoors. They can then brighten up your home with their bright and varied colors.

But to obtain a spectacular flowering, it is important to fertilize your orchid. Discover these 4 infallible fertilizers to make your orchids bloom again all year round.

Fertilizers are good for plants. They provide them with nutrients to promote their growth, but also their flowering or fruiting. To fertilize your orchids and obtain a beautiful bloom all year round, you can use these 4 natural fertilizers.

What are the 4 infallible fertilizers to make orchids bloom all year round?

Here are 4 natural fertilizers to promote the flowering of your orchids and enjoy their beautiful flowers throughout the year.

1. Eggshells to fertilize orchids

Eggshells are beneficial to plants. Rich in potassium and calcium, they serve as a natural fertilizer.

To promote the flowering of your orchids, crush the eggshells using a pestle and mortar, and put them in a saucepan with water. Bring the mixture to a boil, then remove the pot from the heat and let it steep for 8 hours.

Filter your preparation and keep the solution obtained in the refrigerator. Use this eggshell infusion to water your orchids.

You can also just crush the eggshells and scatter them over your flowering plant’s potting mix.

Rice Cooking Water as Fertilizer for Orchids

The cooking water of certain foods, such as rice, is very effective in fertilizing orchids, provided that this water is not salty. After cooking the rice, collect the cooking water and let it cool, before using it to water your orchids.

In addition to rice, you can also use the cooking water from the potatoes. This tuber can provide your plants with potassium, but also a little phosphorus.

To do this, simply keep the cooking water from the potatoes and use it to water your orchids when it has cooled.

You can also cook small pieces of unpeeled potatoes and then add them directly to your plants pot.

Cow’s milk to fertilize orchids

Cow’s milk is rich in calcium and nitrogenous proteins beneficial for the good growth of orchids. Milk also has antifungal properties and can be used to prevent cryptogamic diseases that can affect your plants such as powdery mildew.

To fertilize your orchids, add a little water to the used milk carton, if there is still a bottom of milk, then water your plants. However, be careful not to use too much cow’s milk, as this can lead to bad odors and slow the growth of your plants.

It should in no case replace watering with water. Also prefer skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, rather than whole milk.

Tip: To fight against fungal plant diseases, dilute 1 part milk in 4 parts water and water your plants with this solution once every 2 or 4 weeks.

Green tea as a fertilizer for orchids

Green tea is very useful for plants. Thanks to its nitrogen content, it can be used to naturally fertilize orchids and promote their flowering.

To do this, simply open a bag of green tea and spread its contents on the soil of your plant. This trick can be used once a month, during spring, but also in summer.

In addition to these fertilizers, other natural fertilizers exist such as Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium, banana peels which are rich in potassium and nitrogen, or even coffee grounds, which are an essential fertilizer for all plants.

These 4 natural fertilizers will allow you to fertilize your orchids, in order to promote their good growth and stimulate their flowering all year round.

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