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Women, You Don’t Need Surgery to Get Permanent Bigger Lips If You Do This

Bigger Lips

Bigger Lips

Did you know that big lips are considered universally more attractive than thiner lips? If you’ve always wanted bigger lips, but don’t want to resort to drastic plastic surgery like lip injections, there are still plenty of ways you can go about getting them. This article will show you how to get bigger lips in minutes – permanently!

Lip Plumpers

In order to get bigger lips, many women turn towards lip plumpers. While most of these products don’t provide permanent results, they do make your lips appear fuller temporarily. It is important that you use only a small amount of lip-plumper and never overuse them because some of them can damage your skin. Always wash off any excess product before going to sleep because some products remain on your skin after you apply them and can cause irritation or burning.

Lip Fillers

Cosmetic lip fillers can give you bigger lips in minutes, but it’s important to note that they are temporary. If you want your pucker permanently plumper and fuller, there are a couple of non-invasive options. You can opt for collagen injections (like Restylane or Juvederm) or fat injections (to thicken existing fat). Both techniques require multiple treatments before results start showing up. Meanwhile, if you want fatter lips for an upcoming event, don’t rule out temporary lip fillers! The effects last about six months on average. At-home DIY techniques and alternatives like makeup can help give you instant fullness with no downtime required.

Lip Sticks

Some lipsticks contain ingredients that can plump up your lips temporarily. The simple application of lipsticks such as maroon, wine or purple may produce a temporary enlargement effect, thanks to an ingredient called carmine. The crimson color is made by mixing carmine with a base of oil and wax. For best results, apply lipstick while looking into a mirror—it may help you figure out where you are putting it! Some cosmetic lines have created lip-plumping products (like Lip Venom and Lip Plumper) that contain hyaluronic acid as well as capsicum extract which causes blood vessels to dilate when you put them on; however these products come with warnings about avoiding contact with eyes and using them for less than a minute at a time due to possible irritation.

Idol Lips

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